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Studying Coffee with English (SCA Coffee Class in Seoul, Korea)

Jeff, Coffee Me Up 2016. 1. 1. 13:24

Dear. International students for coffee.

I've started to teach coffee to foreigner with English as SCA guideline in Seoul, Korea.

Sure. I am not a native English speaker. But I studied coffee in Europe such as London, Lisbon, Italy.

Also I am a CoE International judge from Brazil.

And already I have teaching experiences with my international coffee students here in Korea. even in Europe.

So Email me if you are interested in studying coffee with me.

You can choose the part for coffee studying such as Barista, Sensory & cupping, Roasting, Brewing, 

Green coffee and Coffee introduction following SCA guide. 

Also home barista course and just course for coffee lover like Hand drip (pour over) coffee school academy.

(FYR : SCAA and SCAE was integrated for SCA from 2017)

I am doing it in Coffee Me Up Roasting Lab.

the location is near Hongik Univ. station (Hongdae), Seoul, Korea. 

It's very comfortable with subway line No.2 as well as Airport railway.

And the time and day is quite flexible for choosing. Because I am teaching one to one ,which means you can make your plan and very efficient way to learn for you as well.

Also I am running of my coffee shop in Seoul that is Coffee Me Up inspired by Venice near Hapjeong station. line No.2. so you can visit there for sipping specialty coffee in Seoul.

I brew coffee with Rancilio Classe7 LEVA manual machine uniquely in Seoul cafe.

You can find Coffee Me Up on Google Map. Just search for Coffee Me Up with Google map.

There are all Coffee Me Up including Roasting Lab and Inspired Venice cafe, Passion of Rio cafe as well 

Education and SCA licence fee is depends on what you learn and SCA coffee Diploma or SCA Certificates.

You can ask all of thing about coffee. Feel free to contact me.

SCA KOREA (Jeff Kim)


Contact Email address :

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